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Dog Ice Cream | Beef and Carrot

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Dog Ice Cream with organic roasted ground beef and crunchy carrots,The refreshing Beef variety consists of lactose-free yogurt, organic agave syrup, beef (organic), carrots and healthy oils.

Without added sugar
Lactose free
Gluten Free
In food quality

Composition: lactose-free yogurt , agave syrup, Neuland beef, carrots, canola oil, linseed oil, inulin, guar gum, locust bean gum.

Analytical ingredients: Beef: 4.2% crude protein, 5.7% crude fat, 0.3% crude fiber, 0.6% crude ash, 72.6% moisture content.
Storage: at - 18 °C
Net volume: 90 ml / cup

Delivery: 6 pieces